Science, science, science… how I keep coming back to you. Maybe it’s that I am a historian of the long eighteenth century, the supposed budding years of Enlightened tinkering. I’m not complaining, merely pointing out how much History and Science have (more…)


With racism a major topic of discussion in these here United States, and the manner in which ideas of race are portrayed in the news (fake or real), one could, mistakenly, believe that the USA is the only country where this happens. Not so.

Race is indeed a global phenomenon. However, a lot of folks have a hard time with (more…)

Ah, the great American hamburger. A few pickles, some cheese and onions hot off the grill: Oh, yeah – nothing better than really good cooked cow.

Well, how about sinking your teeth into a dripping, hot patty of laboratory grown beef?

That’s right, no cow necessary. Beef raised by Petrie-dish. Mm-mmm. (more…)