With racism a major topic of discussion in these here United States, and the manner in which ideas of race are portrayed in the news (fake or real), one could, mistakenly, believe that the USA is the only country where this happens. Not so.

Race is indeed a global phenomenon. However, a lot of folks have a hard time with (more…)


Race is learned.

Three simple words pointing to a chiseled truth, and yet, as hard and set as that simple statement is, the ability to end racism seems so distant, still. Which, for me, is a bit unnerving: logic tells me that if race can be learned then the opposite holds true, race can be unlearned. (more…)

Professor Tamir Ba-Ron once pointed out to me that this gifted Italian soccer star, Paulo Di Canio, was apt to give his home crowd fans in Lazio a treat during his after-goal celebrations. Di Canio would tear to the side lines after scoring and promptly give the Italian fascist salute. Fans, stated Dr. Ba-Ron, would go wild. (more…)