College freshmen often have a difficult time understanding the historical processes. The ability to look at trends covering hundreds of years is often difficult for them, but that’s part of what historians do (reference The History Manifesto by Jo Guldi and David Armitage). Some technical troubles with my laptop’s built-in camera forced me to (more…)

Machiavelli’s The Prince has been outsold since its publication (1532) by only one other book: the Bible. The popularity of this “how to” manual for governments, CEOs, and mid-level bureaucrats and managers striving to claw their way to the top is undisputed. Problem is: most erudition on Machiavelli and his writings ends up in (more…)

I found an adapter! It’s small, blockish, and slightly larger than the head of a Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot (by Mattel). This adapter will allow me to plug in my laptop anywhere in the world. So if the navy drops me off in Italy, I have electricity. Greece? No problem. Spain? Piece of cake. Crete? Hmn. I think there the adapter may not work – not sure if Crete has a steady flow of go-go juice.

What I’m really concerned about, however, is my own internal and external adaptations. Wouldn’t it be great if there were adapters for human experiences? (more…)