Ready or not, here comes a tough question. If scholars are not writing history for the common folk – who is? The answer may include some uncomfortable responses: especially if it includes policy-making think tanks.

Which is why, every now and then, historians must raise their heads from the shadow of their research to realize that there are such things such as sunlight, poetry, and the opinions of other disciplinarians: and life! (more…)

Score one for Dr. Jeff Livingston (explanation, please).

In the many conversations we parlayed, (he the professor, me the graduate student and intern), the status of History in the post modern climate of these United States came up often. I took the position that History tends toward stuffiness, that ivory tower elitism and near incomprehensible prose are killing the discipline. Further, I argued that historians must do a better job in bringing history before the masses. For his part, Dr. Livingston deliberated on my position before advancing his measured disagreement. (more…)