Emails crossing the Atlantic indicate I am to be an author. Routledge, a “Global publisher of quality academic books…” based out of London, gave me the good news late today. Now I don’t know what else to type. A soon to be “author” and I’m at a loss for words. Ha!

Oh, wait – I do have one word: “justified”.


That’s me on the left, and the amazing Richard Sheldon on the right, October of 2012.

My venture toward a PhD was a bit of a gamble (understatement). Leaving my family for long stretches as I flew to Bristol, England to study under a terrific team: Dr. Richard Sheldon and Professor Ronald Hutton. Spending money I did not really, fully, honestly possess seemed nerve-racking. Rebuffs by journal editors since earning my doctorate made me question my self-confidence despite all the successes (I am the first in my family – we are taliking generations – to graduate from a university, let alone obtain a doctorate), the awards (Andrew Appleby Memorial Scholarship), the acceptances (CSU Chico – thank you Dr. Jason Nice), and then Bristol!

Yes, justification.

The email looked like this:

 I am glad to report that the project was approved for publication—unfortunately I am in meetings most of the day today so won’t be able to send the official, detailed contract offer until next week. But I hope this good news provides a good start to your weekend.

Signed, Max.

I forwarded the email to my wife, Jori. She’s put up with me all these years, believed in me, supported me in this quest of mine – to understand humanity to its fullest. She messaged me just as I clicked send. She responded quickly.

“Yesssssss!!!!!!!” she wrote, “I am so freaking happy.”

“I think my eyes are leaking,” I said.

More to come! The real adventure begins now.