Episode two was written and produced by Jacob Maphet. Jacob raises an interesting dilemma – an observation that I have witnessed and experienced, and perhaps some of you may have thought of this as well . . .  Jacob sincerely asked how is that I have a heritage? Jacob, typical student, typical white male: shorts, t-shirt, unassuming smile, please, please, don’t-call-on-me kind of guy. So we have that take and it goes along with the title “The Forgetting.” And, according to Jacob, forgetting is an American trait. Toss in some overt religiosity, some work ethic theory, and what you get … well, that’s for Jacob to tell. But you should bet your bottom dollar, at the end of it all, is a unique individual who can claim, “I am America.”

These episodes are written, recorded, edited, and produced by the students that make them: in this case, Jacob Maphet. He’s right: the thing that makes America tick is our constant reinvention – the ability to reject what came before in exchange for something new. To access this switch in America’s DNA, just visit a big urban city – I mean big – San Francisco, New York, Dallas, L.A., constantly changing, morphing, reinventing. AND YES… Forgetting… Thanks for listening to the “I AM AMERICA” podcast – till next time.

NYC Changes