It’s true, for years I have extolled the virtues of Wikipedia before my students. As a research tool, “wiki” offers numerous pointing mechanisms that sometimes, at the click of a button, will take a researcher to a primary or secondary source elsewhere on the web: open source, and for free.

Wikipedia-logoAnd just when I thought wiki could not outdo itself – it outdone itself.

What if wikipedia pointed you to free archived newspaper articles, searchable of course, from – get this – 84 countries? Would you not, as a researcher, be all over this?

Primary Documents Away: Well dust off that keyboard, and click open that mouse, it’s true and it’s here.

Welcome to the – List of Online Newspaper Archives – brought to you by the one of the greatest encyclopedia’s ever crafted: yes, wikipedia. Go ahead, click! You know you want to. But do have a research topic in mind.