I find it funny that the first impulse after turning in my dissertation is to (are you ready for this?) to do more!

I am so not done.

When I first went to Bristol to begin work on the dissertation my initial thinking was that I had to finish a book in order to graduate: that turned out not to be true. I did not learn of this, however, until it came time to defend my elevation chapter – in fact, the very day thereof. I was then told at that defense that I was limited to 80,000 words.

But I had already turned in 17,490!

The thing is – you cannot tell the full story in just 80K. History is much more complex than that. And besides, 80K is only half a book. I’ve told the story about eighteenth-century newspapers, ballads, sermons, materiality, food riots, protests, and the legacy of the Byng affair. I have to write about the trial, the culture of politics in London in the 1750s, nationalism and the purview of Minorca’s loss by way of Britain’s leading bankers, financiers, and merchants.

I’ve got my work cut out.