Ah, the great American hamburger. A few pickles, some cheese and onions hot off the grill: Oh, yeah – nothing better than really good cooked cow.

Well, how about sinking your teeth into a dripping, hot patty of laboratory grown beef?

That’s right, no cow necessary. Beef raised by Petrie-dish. Mm-mmm.

Scientist from the University of Missouri are pushing to develop a market for such lab-beef. They figure that eco-conscious folks will spend the extra money it costs to purchase beef that leaves much less of a carbon footprint the four-legged methane dispensers that make up the currently damaging-to-the-environment beef industry.

It’s a wonder, that’s for sure. When I teach the Enlightenment, I teach science: Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, Newton, Franklin, Jefferson, etc., etc… But I also teach that such science created anxiety and a massive conservative push-back from organized religions, Protestant and Catholic. Today, science is in trouble. People doubt Darwinism, folks question climate change despite the evidence, stem cell research is found by many to be morally reprehensible, genetically modified foods give some people the willies, just open up the newspaper (remember those?) and you’ll likely see some group challenging science on nearly every front.

And now, cow from a Petrie-dish. You can read the full text of the article by clicking on the link below.