Sometimes the planets DO align. It’s official, folks… I am heading to Bristol University in the UK this September.

I feel so lucky. First, my amazing wife and my two beautiful children who’s encouragement makes it possible to take this really mega-big step. Second, to study under professors who not only encouraged me to become the scholar they knew I was – even before I fully understood that I had it in me – but they also asked that I keep in touch, and hurry up and add something to historical discourse. Third, the crew of professors in England that find my approach to a particular event ground-breaking, entirely doable, and that I am the scholar in the making to get it done. Fourth, as an adjunct instructor, I am thankful that the two organizations I split time for both support this adventure by offering me to teach online – which means I have a way to pay for this.

“Vim promovet insitam,” (the Bristol University motto) or in my bad Latin, translates to something like “learning promotes one’s innate power.” Not sure my power is innate, but what else could it be?

All I know is I have an insatiable desire in figuring out just how the heck this modern world evolved to become “the way it is” – which by the way is (insert your expletives here)….

I have a long way to go in fulfilling that desire. But Brist0l, here I come.