I’m so thrilled to be back behind the podium (actually, I do walk the class a lot). Met with twenty-four students of Early American History at the education facilities of Beale Air Force Base last night. Looks like a great crew. I’m still buzzing.

And to think, the class is a three hour block, involves two and half hours of round-trip driving, and doesn’t let out till 10:40PM. I rolled into the driveway about a quarter past midnight. But this beats having to wait three months to go home after teaching the first class. I am not 9,000 miles away.  I’ll take that one hour and fifteen minute drive (one way) any day – even if gas is $4.25 (and it is!).

Three hours. Seems like an eternity, but it actually went quick. I’m really looking forward to the next class: lots of group work, lots of primary and secondary documents, and lots of interpretations that – hopefully – will be insightful, deep, and original.

For those that follow this blog and kind of wish they could attend – I do have a course blog. Just click and cruise.