Given the recent posturing by conservatives over issues concerning women, “joehistorian” is conducting a small (and quite unscientific) poll. Give it a shot. In about a week I’ll give the true answer.

Guess the date and the source of the following quote:

As a general rule, we think girls had better learn modern languages than ancient. One reason for this opinion is, that a girl of good abilities and superior resolution can obtain a respectable knowledge of a modern language in two or three years; whereas to become truly proficient in Latin or Greek is a ten years’ labor. A moderate acquaintance with these two languages would, however, be beneficial to any young lady, and two or three years’ study of them, in connection with other branches, could do no harm. The study of a foreign language is, in the highest degree, beneficial and educating. With regard to mathematics, we should not desire a daughter of ours to go beyond arithmetic, algebra; and the first six books of Euclid’s geometry.