• PhD., University of Bristol, UK, June 2015
  • Master of Arts, History, CSU Chico, May 2010
  • Museum Studies Certification, CSU Chico, May 2010
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential – Social Science, CSU Chico, December 2003
  • Bachelor of Arts, History, San Diego State University, December 2002


  • “Reagan Welcomed Hundreds of Thousands of Boat People. And Today the GOP is Demonizing Refugees?” History Network News (9 December 2015)
  • “Hot Water”: assessing the impacts of the 1755 Channel Campaign, English Historical Review (in peer review)
  • Review of: Roger Chickering and Stig Förster, eds., War In An Age of Revolution, 1775-1815, (Cambridge University Press, 2010), International History Review, (April 2012)
  • Review of: The Spokane Aviation Story, 1910-1941, by James P. McGoldrick II, Tornado Creek Publishing, rev. ed., Pacific Northwest Quarterly, (Winter 2008/2009)


  • Admiral John Byng’s “British” Execution: A Case of Community, Nation, and Empire, 1756-1757

Master’s Thesis

  • “‘More Dangerous Enemies’: The Role of Nationalism in the Execution of Admiral John Byng.”

Adjunct Professor Yuba College

  • History 5B (World History, 1500-present)
  • History 17A (United States History, 1607-1877)
  • History 17B (United States History, Reconstruction to the present)
    At Yuba College, I was fortunate to teach two online history courses while beginning work on my dissertation in the UK. During the 2012-13 academic year I taught both early and modern United States History using Blackboard software. The emphasis has, and continues to be, peer to peer interaction via discussion boards. Upon my return to Chico, I taught at Beale Air Force Base condensed eight-week versions of the same courses through a Yuba College extension program. I am currently teaching three courses at Yuba, now using Canvas software interface. Pedagogical methods include semi-fipped classroom with an emphasis on have students doing history.

Adjunct Professor Butte College

  • History 5 (World History (1500 to the present)
  • History 8 (United States History 1607-1877)
  • History 10 (United States History, Reconstruction to the present)
  • History 14 (World History, roughly 500 C.E. to 1789 C.E)
  • Humanities 22 (Literature of the Ancients – Greece, Rome, Early Christianity)
    I began teaching at Butte College in the Fall of 2013. My overall pedagogical method is to have incoming students gain an understanding of what it is to “DO” History. This main focus creates opportunities for students to employ the Historical Inquiry Processes (HIP) in order to gain an understanding of past societies. A heavy emphasis on peer to peer interactions allows for the most difficult and most important portion of the HIP to be practiced: that of inquiry. This is done via discussion boards on Blackboard (version 9.1). I have taught four courses of History 10, one of History 8, and one of History 14. I am currently employed by Butte College

Adjunct Professor Central Texas College

  • United State History I & II, Central Texas College, NCPACE (May 2011 – Dec 2011) Faced with extremely limited resources, instructed over 100 students via formal seminar, informal discussion, peer review processes of written work, and various group activities in Early & Late American History courses aboard the USS Anzio (CG-68) and the USS Philippine Sea (CG-58), part of the NCPACE program by way of Central Texas College.

History Instructor/Collaborator

  • Modern British History, History 424, California State University, Chico (Spring, 2010) Collaborated with Professor Jason Nice on syllabus and taught the eighteenth century component of Modern British History. Provided preparatory materials for online viewing ahead of lectures, developed thought-provoking questions, and provided post-lecture assessments to check for student understanding. Moderated in class political debates which coincided with the 2010 British elections.

History Instructor/Intern

  • History 130, United States History, California State University, Chico (Fall, 2008) Assisted Dr. Jeff Livingston with assessing his teaching methods and practices. Observed and advised professor on classroom management. Lectured, graded papers, and advised students on reading, tests, and directed study sessions.

University Guest Lecturer
California State University, Chico (August 2008 – April 2010)

  • Prepared and delivered a variety of lectures for History 413, Modern European Political Thought, California State University, Chico
  • Prepared and delivered a variety of graduate level lectures both historical and pedagogical for History 692, Teaching History for Colleges, California State University, Chico.
  • Conducted a graduate level seminar “Women in the Antebellum South” for History 630, California State University, Chico

High School Teacher

Challenge Charter High School (08/2004 – 06/2006)

  • Taught USA and World History, English 10 and English 11, Journalism, Yearbook, Geography and Government
  • Created, designed & implemented new curriculum with peers as school moved from independent study to classroom curriculum
  • Started Eye Magazine, a student run, written and financed weekly that focused on their lives, perceptions and interactions in their community
  • Advised students in creating and implementing their own formatted radio broadcast at KRBS 107.1 FM, a local community radio station
  • Students raised STAR History scores by 26 points 2004 to 2005
  • 40 out of 42 students passed CAHSEE in 2005

Chico Senior High School (Fall 2003)

  • Taught 11th grade USA History and 12th grade Economics as a student teacher
  • Designed, created & implemented a student assignment web site utilizing a mix of primary and secondary documents saving the district printing cost in a tight budgetary season.
  • Assistant Soccer Coach


Junior High School Teacher

Standley Middle School, University Town Center, San Diego (Spring 2002)

  • Taught 8th Grade USA History as a student teacher


      European History

  • “The Middlemarch Years: From Agricultural Radicalism to Chartism, 1815-1838”
  • “Searching for the State in Mid-Seventeenth Century England”
  • “From Motives to Process to Maintenance: The Similarities of Hobbes and Locke in Transferring from a ‘State of Nature’ to a Civil Society”
  • “Crisis In France May/June 1968: An Evolutionary First in Anti-Globalization”
  • “Renaissance Capitalism: Reactionary Economics in a Sea of Political Change”
  • “Herbert Butterfield’s The Whig Interpretation of History: Relevancy in the Twenty-First Century?”

      United States History

  • “Refuting Imperialists’ Causations: The Role of Internal British Politics in the Advent of the Revolutionary War”
  • “Iron Rails in the “Ireland of America”: Rethinking the Myth of Backwardness in Antebellum North Carolina”
  • African-American Reaction to the 1915 Invasion of Haiti: A Mix of Pan-African Nationalism and American Exceptionalism
  • “Paving Over Oranges: Coronado, San Diego’s First Suburb”
  • “The Ghost of Walter Winchell: Reports on the French Revolution Through Hollywood’s Eyes”

      World History

  • “Education’s Historic Role Within the Global System and its Juxtaposition to Current Global Trends”


  • PCA/ACA (Popular Cultural Association/American Cultural Association) National Conference, San Antonio, Texas (April, 2011)
  • AVID Summer Institute, “English Strand,” (July 2005)
  • Ruby Payne, “Teaching Children in Poverty,” (August 2005)
  • Otter Creek, “Teaching the Unmotivated,” (October, 2005)


  • United States Navy (April 1986 – April 1992)


  • Won the school-wide “Graduate Student Research Competition, Humanities Division,” CSU Chico, (March 2011)
  • Andrew Bell-Appleby Memorial Scholarship, San Diego State University, (April 2002)