I don’t believe that Mayans predicted the end of the world. It’s all just too silly. They ran out of rock, people. Get a grip.

But I do believe that 2012 will be one auspicious year. So much is coming to a head. Not just in our local elections or the international implications of Iran with a nuclear weapon – I’m talking about me! I am at the crossroads except I’ve made no deal with the devil (devils don’t exist – only in “ye minds of men”). I am here at my own accord. Yes Paul, it’s been a “Long and Winding Road.” Long, indeed.

So yes, I am – as the owl in Bambi put it – “twitterpated” with the idea that by the end of 2012 things will have fleshed out. Some doors will have closed, but only one will remain open – and by golly I do have my walking shoes on.  “I’m ready,” says Sponge Bob, but I am ready too. I am ready to get my groove on, get funky, get down and jiggy with it (did I just write that? Sorry).

Today I sent my dissertation supervisor, the awesome Doctor Richard Sheldon, my first draft of “give me some money,” otherwise known as a research proposal to the grant, bursary, and scholarship crew at the University of Bristol, UK. The application deadline is the 29th of this month. Without funds, I cannot go. Simple as that.

In the mean time I have many irons in the fire and I am a stoking fool. I am working for Yuba College (thank you, Marysville!) with promises of more classes in the Fall, I have a Monday interview to pick up two online course for an online university, I just finished a huge twelve-page reply to four very good questions at Portland Community College (for a coveted full-time position), and I was just contacted by Aims CC out in Greeley, Colorado, for additional information.

So as you can see, December 21, 2012 will be a beginning – not an end. Get a grip.