If I were to write a new book (as if I had the patience, let alone the time) I would entitle it, The Rise and Fall of the Three Middle Class Empires. OK, so that’s a little baited (but is that not the purpose of book titles?). The inside jacket sleeve would read something like the following:

Historian Joe Krulder argues that the rise of the modern Middle Class is actually not only a recent phenomena (a rise that began during the Renaissance years), but a phenomena that is drawing to a swift conclusion. Further, Krulder argues that these three empires; Dutch, British, and American, were largely built on Middle Class predominance in every aspect of social, political, economic, and culture. This intriguing book tracks how the Middle Class came to power and how it is losing it. During the Renaissance, the Middle Class influenced and wrested away from entrenched nobility the ability to control state power, trade, religions, and culture. Krulder offers up the Dutch as the first Middle Class Empire, only their small population numbers kept the Dutch from continued global dominance. The British Empire grew in its place, only to fall victim to a “good old boy” network and extraordinary hubris. The American Empire stood alone after World War One. In other words, the country with the largest Middle Class became the world’s premier super power.

This historical trend, however, is in decline. A new trend, a new “archetype” is rising in its place. There will be no Fourth Middle Class Empire, because there will soon no longer be a functioning and overtly influential Middle Class anywhere on earth. A new archetype is being constructed whereby global boards, businesses, and banks will soon dictate what the Middle Class once largely defined, i.e., every aspect of social, political, economic, and yes, even culture. A fascinating read.

Or something like that. Anyway, this is just a food for thought post, a sort of wishful thinking on my part. It’s how I see things, we are under what I term great historical shift in the way this here world operates. I call it an “Attenuation Archetype.” The verb to attenuate means “to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value.” I firmly believe that this is precisely what is occurring right now, the limiting of the values of Middle Class society – and on a global scale. In its place, society will be better influenced by – as I noted earlier – global boards, businesses, and banks.

I can only hope that I am wrong.