I found an adapter! It’s small, blockish, and slightly larger than the head of a Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot (by Mattel). This adapter will allow me to plug in my laptop anywhere in the world. So if the navy drops me off in Italy, I have electricity. Greece? No problem. Spain? Piece of cake. Crete? Hmn. I think there the adapter may not work – not sure if Crete has a steady flow of go-go juice.

What I’m really concerned about, however, is my own internal and external adaptations. Wouldn’t it be great if there were adapters for human experiences? Imagine this; you’re a died-in-the wool libertarian stuck in Stockholm and – gasp! – you need medical attention. Suddenly you’re whisked away to a Swedish hospital heavily subsidized by the government. Your life is not threatened, but they treat you nonetheless, and you’re up and on your feet in no time. Wouldn’t it be great if the formerly ill libertarian possessed an HEA (Human Experience Adapter) so that he could understand his ill-fated trip through socialized medicine?

I wish I had an HEA so that I could understand how our men and women in uniform can perform to such high standards while missing their families, friends and loved ones.

I also wish I owned an HEA that could show me how Machiavelli, tortured by the Medici clan, could then write so erudite a book as The Prince and dedicate it in their honor.

Sigh. I have a lot to learn.