After some morning sessions, I’ll be heading out to the airport. Digesting all that has transpired these past four days will certainly fill up the next few days if not weeks.

Pulling off one of these events must be a monumental task, so I want to thank the people behind the PCA/ACA National Conference scenes who planned, plotted, toiled, and triumphed: in the end there were only a few glitches – and much of that beyond their control; for example, missing panelists. Not much a planner can do if someone who signed up to attend and present bails at the last minute.

Overall though, color me satisfied; for a first time scholastic conference experience – I am one happy hombre. Aloha, San Antonio. Catch you later.

(Here is a link to a fellow surfer and their thoughts on the PCA experience. He’s not a historian – his take is more upon the comic book side of our American culture).