This post is a two-for, dude. The last two roundtables I’ll be attending at the 2011 JCNPCACASTPCACA[1] are wicked.

Dude, this roundtable on title alone warrants my attention: “Unlearning Educational College Pedagogical Stupidity.” I’m so totally there.

"Based on this conference program guide," said Surfing Susan, "that Joe Krulder will be inherently hire-able."

Filed under Pedagogies and the Profession a troupe from New Mexico State University will present four points on how we as college instructors practice our craft. I know, I know… New Mexico, but these people from the “Land of Enchantment” seem really jazzed.

Alan Mabry presents “You Can’t Spell Assessment Without “ASS.”” And though that is true, another by the name of Heather Williams want to shoot some curls with “The Failing Model of Consumerism in Higher Education: Why the Customer is Not Always Right.” I wonder if this will have anything to do with my recent blog post “The “Repositioning” of History to “Market Forces”: or Adam Smith slugs David Hume (ow!).” There’s Lucy Gurrola’s “The Art of an Effective Lecture.” But the big smack down comes as four people perform to something called “A Knock Down, No-Holds-Barred Argument!”

The last one – though booked exclusively under Professional Development is entitled “Student Engagement Research: From Theory to Practice in the College Classroom.” I know, right? Sounds like a total yawner. The Sabrio clan, as in David and Susan, from Texas A&M are putting this one on. What can an Agricultural and Mechanical school teach me? Watch, this roundtable will be the gnarly rant wicked twister of bodacious mind expanding epic-ness.


[1] Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture & American Culture Association and the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture & American Culture Association