This dude loves Hip-Hop, especially of the spicy, political variety. Thus it’s so rad that San Antonio will toss me a great bevy of roundtables and whatnots that cover Black Music Culture.

William “Bill” Banfield, author, scholar, musician and all around super duper dude chairs the “Black Music Culture in Secondary and Higher Education” session, Friday morning at 8:00 AM (not sure my oatmeal will have digested by then, but you gotta catch that wave).

Angela Nelson will be showing be sharing her experiences on “Graduate Course on Black Popular Music.” John Jackson and Emily Summers, both from Texas State will share their observances on the “Overlap and Gap between Hip-Hop Lyrics and High School Texts’ Cultural Understanding of US Presidents.”

But for me, Bill Banfield is the star. He shares “Teaching American Popular Music: A View From Many Angles.” By the way, Professor Banfield teaches at the Berklee College of Music (where my favorite musician/singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn studied for a couple of years).

Here’s a link to Bill Banfield’s website. He has a book Black Notes: Essays of a Musician Writing in a Post-Album Age, and a new CD Spring Forward.

Dude, more relevance.