Yesterday’s trip into “Dude Theory” saved me from my dour mood. I see no reason to discontinue these Dudistic practices. The thing about “Dudism” is the very forward nature of the practice, it’s all about catching the next wave.

I’ll be surfing San Antonio at the 2011 JCNPCACASTPCACA (say that fast ten times) or the Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture & American Culture Association and the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture & American Culture Association – where a few roundtables caught my eye.

A late Thursday evening roundtable production by Davenport University personnel (Grand Rapids, Michigan folk, not Iowa) is one beautiful wave. Under the genre of Education, Teaching, History and Popular Culture, the Davenport crew will present “Incorporating Popular Culture into Courses that Aren’t.” Basically, this is a how to make General Education courses more relevant by utilizing elements of our popular culture within the curriculum.

Relevancy – file that.