Scholarships are there none, so say officials at the University of Bristol. The notification that I will not be awarded any of the scholarships I applied for likely points to “Plan B” whereby I postpone my arrival until October of 2012. Of course postponement more than likely means that a dissertation worked on in the UK is likely not to occur at all.

One, I’ve been working like mad to find work teaching history – which is the reason for plunging myself into studies at Bristol in the first place. My Tallahassee trip is a case in point. I went, I saw, I interviewed. If offered a position, I’d take it. Bristol goes away in that scenario… and forever. Even if Tallahassee Community College goes and hires another, the value points earned in the process of interviewing add up, they become a pocketed cache of experience ready to be cashed in on the next interview. Thus, I’ve applied to Red Rocks, Santa Monica, and Foothill De Anza Community Colleges since the Tallahassee trip precisely one week ago. Today I put in an application at Onondaga CC near Syracuse.

Two, money have I little. The house, since we have put it on the market, has been viewed but by five couples, and has sprouted two sinkholes near the driveway and power pole up toward the front. NPR declares doom and gloom in the housing market for some time to come, and as positive as I am…usually… there are still some Wall Street bank executives that I think evil thoughts towards (shame on me).

Three, is my lovely Lizzie. College starts for her in August, and we don’t exactly have the 17 thousand or so that it’s going to take to keep her afloat at either RIT or UP (Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Portland).

So go ahead, Bristol, make my decision easy. All I know is this: that one day I will become a true, real live, honest to goodness Historian and all that comes with that title. When and where are but the minor details pertaining to a certain future.

Say tuned.