The Krulder Family in a celebratory mood after my victory. Next stop, Fresno State.

In the struggle to grow up and be a real live historian (if I may borrow heavily from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio), I met up with some real live golly-gee-oh-boy good news.  Back on the 22nd and 23rd of February, as reported here on this blog, yours truly competed in a Graduate Student Research Competition at my local university dig, CSU, Chico. The winners of this competition then advance to compete state wide. All the winning graduate students throughout the California State University system will meet in Fresno, sometime in May (I think).

I will be one of those students! Yes, you read it correctly. Joe wowed the judges. It’s on to Fresno, all expenses paid, representing my university with smarts – or at least a tremendous amount of passion toward my beloved discipline…History (capital “H” baby)!

Stay tuned.