I’ve been creating…which is a good thing. And now it’s time to see if what I have given life to actually works on a blog. Not so sure. So this post may be in error. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Today’s blog is an attempt to use technology to assist college students in reading retention. However, it involves a rather large MP4 file, like some five point nine megs worth. Not sure that’s legal.

Nope, not in the WordPress world. OK. Don’t panic.

Oh, I know. I’ll post the video on YouTube, and the link it here! That should work. 

And…. it works!!! “Oh, frabjous day!”

OK, a little story. I was more than a little disappointed that I could not upload the MP4 file that I produced. That file took me a couple of hours, and WordPress was telling me that the file was too large, and that if I wanted to upload a video from my computer that I had to upgrade…for a fee ($54 per year).

Then, after sulking for a bit, I remembered that I do have a YouTube account. WordPress allows me to link video from YouTube, so why not just upload my MP4 file there and then create a link back in my blog on WordPress. Well, the rest is history, so they say. And if you watch the video, you now have the ability to set up and prepare for taking dialectic reading notes.