Bad news on the “home” front – hey, that’s a double entendre (I must be getting giddy)! The blitzkrieg of realtors that came through my house the other day so to add a chorus of informed voices to peg a price on our nest egg came up with numbers much lower than I expected. I believe that our agent, Alice, was even a bit shocked.  

This leaves me (not to mention my Jori, Lizzie, and Sarah) in a precarious situation. I need money to pay for Bristol (could you, you know, next time, perhaps, be a bit more blunt?). Without more money coming out of the sale of our families place of residence, I just cannot see how I can possibly go. At least for a year.

I did send this letter, not officially asking for a deferment, but rather seeking advice on ways to avoid it.

Dear Graduate School of Arts and Humanities,

This e-mail serves the purpose of inquiry, investigating the possibility of deferring my arrival for an additional year. I am grateful for the invitation, for the making of a place for me, and for the fabulous team of Professor Sheldon and Professor Hutton. I am most anxious to begin

The short of it, however, comes down to money. I may need more time to scrape together the funds necessary to pursue this PhD. Your kind offer (which I intend to take) came mid-January, thus I missed the deadline for a Fulbright.

Also, this global depression (some call it a recession, a much nicer but incorrect word) has sent tremors throughout the world. I believe in the UK you are faced with severe austerity measures, and I have reports that Bristol, including your department, must make serious cuts to the point where some will lose their positions. This news troubles me.

Here in the States the housing market has completely collapsed. I had intended to partially pay for tuition via proceeds earned from the sale of my home. But, not only are prices down (in my area as much as 40 percent) with a glut of foreclosures on the market, but it then takes much longer to sell a home. I am now no longer sure that I can sell my house at a price that will cover the full three years of tuition and expenses, let alone sell it in time for October. Again, I am troubled by this.

All this equates to a tenuous situation. I’d rather come to Bristol with the full knowledge that I do not have to worry about funding, that I can concentrate fully at supplying a masterful dissertation and provide superior bouts of teaching (if I may).

So, where does that leave our relationship? Rather than state now that I will seek a deferment, I am writing to the department seeking ideas. What do you think? I have applied for some scholarships, the DEAS comes to mind, and my spouse can work (though she will arrive – more than likely – a year after my settling in). So much to think about. Any advice would be grand.

All the Best,

Joe Krulder, MA

Well, you are all up to date on the struggles of a “wanna be” historian in these post modern times. I’ll save my thoughts on Goldman Sachs for another time, the Rated R version… But if you bump into Clio, please let the muse know how much I am willing to sacrifice for her. Thank you.