What a crazy day and most of it spent paying dues to Clio (she’s such a muse, or is it deity?) It started with a gaggle (or is it giggle – no it wasn’t all that funny) of real estate type folks that appeared at the house this morning. Jori, the kids, and I spent the better part of four days cleaning and sprucing that place up. Total time these dozen real estate experts spent inside the house and touring the grounds… five minutes. Collective arrrgh…

Clio, the Muse of History, demands yet another sacrifice.

Then a race to the bank, put money in (for a change), drop off “stuff” to the Salvation Army drop-off center, and then on to a lunch with Professor Livingston (a real live Clio Muse practitioner). After that a race to the cleaners to pick up laundered shirts (one of which I will wear tonight, more on that later), and then home to practice, review, and edit my presentation for the Student Research Competition (SRC). Of course, a document needed signing and turned in back at the Chico State campus – so, I donned my presentation suit and headed out to the campus where I am now, waiting, for the SRC to begin.

Ten minutes. Ten. That’s all the time I have to present my thesis. Yes, that thesis (click here for link), the one in which I spent a year and half researching, six months writing, and where four judges will now grace me with ten teeny little minutes.

Wait. I spot a trend. Four days cleaning… five minute walk through. Nearly two years researching and writing… ten minute presentation. Clio, you’re getting stiffed!

I’ll let you all know how it went. Ciao.