OK, the first setback of the academic year is here. The small (only $300) traveling grant that was to get me from Chico to San Antonio Texas did not arrive. More precise, I was passed over. Bummer.

Not so bad. I suppose. It may mean that I may have to cut my trip to the conference by a day, perhaps two.

For those that don’t recall, or were not part of this blog when it first ventured forth… on January 18 of 2011, I posted in the projects section details of the trip. It’s part of the PCA/ACA national conference. I’m on panel number one, and I get to discuss my research on media abuse during the early days of the Seven Years’ War.

The fun starts on the 20th of April and is to last on to the 23rd. For those that do math (blech!) that’s four days and three nights of schmoozing, networking, and making contacts. Well, make that three, er, maybe even two, for that may be all I can afford.

I will approach the History Department here at CSU, Chico…but with the budgetary state of the CSU system… I think not.

Worse things I suppose. I’ll keep everyone updated.