Jamie Starmer hit the nail on the head today. “You can talk about, and with passion, the subject of history. I know you can, I’ve seen you. But,” he asked leaning forward, “can you talk about yourself with the same passion, with the same knowledge base? Can you make others take an interest on the topic of Joe, just as you can interest your students on the topic of history?”

I guess that’s why Mr. Starmer is in charge of the career center at Cal State Chico. Cut’s right to the chase. Plus, he gave me an excellent way to approach an oncoming interview – me.


Yup, I have one upcoming, and for the best of all reasons, to allow me to be that “professional historian” sooner than later. Tallahassee Community College will be flying me out to Florida for an interview in the coming weeks (date as of yet unspecified).

Look, it’s inevitable. I’ve decided (notice I did not say, “I’m the decider.”). I will one day teach history to college students. Done deal. Fin. Over with. Put a fork in it. I’m Joe Historian. I love history, I love teaching, I love researching, I love writing about this big old beautiful world and the crazy little beast we call homo sapiens.

But what about England? What about Bristol? What about your doctorate?

Earning a doctorate at the University of Bristol is a very real possibility. Very Real. But, it is just that, a possibility, another road (with a European view) that I can take to get to the same end: Joe Historian.

Think about it; already teaching history full time at an accredited college with money coming in, or fly off to a foreign country to study for three plus years gaining a doctorate that forces you to shovel money out. Which would you choose?