Episode two was written and produced by Jacob Maphet. Jacob raises an interesting dilemma – an observation that I have witnessed and experienced, and perhaps some of you may have thought of this as well . . .  Jacob sincerely asked how is that I have a heritage? (more…)

I came across a blog post written by Ted Lienhart entitled, “Characteristics of Historical Thinking.” Here, Lienhart listed fifteen of his favorite history-learned abilities (list provided below). As I read the list, I could not help but think that most, if not all, can be taught and assessed.

Take Lienhart’s first must of historical thinking: the ability to (more…)

Welcome to “I Am America,” a new podcasting series recorded and produced by students at Butte College in Northern California. These podcasts reflect student-centered explorations of both history and themselves. Every student has a story, and they truly want to share, especially the part about what makes them uniquely American.

Our very first episode was written and produced by Yolanda Antone. She’s young, bright, filled with possibilities – but she also wears two masks (more…)

Richard, my supervisor, and I were musing over a primary document some years back. Our attempt to dissect the words of an eighteenth-century letter had somehow devolved into a curious struggle to pinpoint the author’s state of mind. How can you really see tone in a letter written in the 1750s? Can you truly get inside the mind of someone who lived 270 years ago and judge their emotional state (more…)

With racism a major topic of discussion in these here United States, and the manner in which ideas of race are portrayed in the news (fake or real), one could, mistakenly, believe that the USA is the only country where this happens. Not so.

Race is indeed a global phenomenon. However, a lot of folks have a hard time with (more…)

The simple fact of the matter is that the United States of America exists within something called “global competition.” I would even argue that current global competition is hyper-competitive beyond its norms. This is certainly true when it comes to the topic of education. The manner in which we teach our citizens is juxtaposed against the manner in which other nation-states do the same. The last ranking by the United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI), the one published in 2013, placed the United States (more…)

The Republican, “Alt-Right” President, Donald J. Trump, and his recent tirades against judges and lawyers who dare to block his “in-your-face” political agenda possess deep historical roots. If the reshuffle of presidential portraits hanging in the oval office is any indication, a showdown between the executive and judicial branches will surely (more…)