Today I walked down from 13 Woodland Road (sight of the History Department at Bristol University) to the Print Services office down the hill. There was an unexpected cost: my dissertation will be placed on the university’s library shelves. As such, it must be hardbound, black spine, gold lettering, my name, title, and year. It’s kind of cool, except for the (more…)

So right now, as I write this, I have passed my viva. I successfully defended my dissertation. More impressive (at least to me), I received the highest score a PhD candidate can be accorded: a “straight pass.”

What does that mean, a “straight pass”? (more…)

Actually productive yesterday, re-reading a fantastic introduction from my external examiner’s book, Crowds, Culture, and Politics in Georgian Britain. Here, Nicholas Rogers details the historiography on crowd studies – which significantly shows up in (more…)

I met with Dr. Richard Sheldon yesterday for lunch. Thankful to have such a brilliant mind reassuring me and telling me that I’m more than ready. Time to shake off those ghosts of inborn doubts, and get on to the business of truly preparing for this viva.

Not much else to report, other than (more…)

I am always amazed at how beautiful and friendly Bristol is. Although I was beyond tired after the flight from San Francisco, I found Bristol as welcoming to the eyes and heart as always. Even walking the streets late yesterday afternoon, I came across people I have not seen in two years. Lots of quick conversations and joy at (more…)

After a misery inflicted flight (don’t sit in seat 43H on a 747. Don’t…), landed at Heathrow to start my first adventure: a brief detaining by UK Border Agents. It all goes back to the mix up concerning my Student Visa which was cancelled a year after I left Bristol in 2013. No biggie, I was waved through after about 20-minutes. Jumped on the Heathrow Express to Paddington, and was robbed of 43-British pounds for a one way ticket on a train bound for Bristol. That’s $67.09 in American currency. Ouch! Can you say, “welcome to the bread and butter diet.”?

I want to stand resolute, appear smart, say something deep, meaningful and extremely erudite. But then that wouldn’t be me.

I board a plane in a few hours that will take me from my native California, fly me an ocean and a rock away (Lisa Hannigan reference), to land me in London. A quick train ride to Bristol, and (more…)


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