I remember the day after 9/11, the professor stood at the front of the class looking rather pensive. The pressure was on. She knew there were to be a sea of faces and expectant stares. A collective “why” filled the room. She knew. We all knew. Professor C. must speak to us of the occurrence. Only, she had not any time to process just what happened only the day before.

“We were attacked,” she said while (more…)

They really ought to hand out merit badges after one learns to navigate the cumbersome Library of Congress (LOC) web site. Intuitive it is not!

Thus, when any institution makes discovering the contents of loc.gov easier, well by golly praise must assuredly follow. I wish to heartedly thank Yale University and the National Endowment for the Humanities for a fantastic new “Photogrammar.”  In their own words, the “Photogrammar” is (more…)

I woke up to look over my breakfast bowl to see that Huffington Post let loose an article about publishing giant McGraw-Hill. Seems this $24-billion mega company (MHFI on the New York Stock Exchange) made a captioning error in a high school geography textbook: not usually the stuff headlines are made of.

But this caption (more…)

Neil Halloran recently released a short video that helps us to digest the tremendous toll that World War II took upon both military and civilian casualties. Halloran, who calls himself a data visualizer as well as documentarian; and co-founder of Higher Media Incorporated based in Texas, has done a splendid job bringing home the poignancy and tragedy of this often-called (more…)

In 1914, just weeks before the outbreak of the First World War, a Sioux Chief, Edward Two Two, rode his horse leading a small procession of his nation through the streets of Dresden.

Dresden? Isn’t that(more…)

Last month, an oil industry magazine based in Canada – you know, that country that considers ‘tar sands’ a good idea – placed an automobile on the front of its cover. So far so good, nothing unusual about that. To make a car go you need lots and lots of oil.

Except not this car. (more…)

My short time in the UK is at an end. I’m excited to be going home. Yes, I am homesick for my little slice of California, for my family’s warm embrace, and for the companionship of my friends.

But things are different. (more…)


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