Climate change as a new phenomenon needs rethinking, particularly along the lines of culture. Cultural history can help us understand ourselves and come to terms with those who refuse to accept the enormous mountains of peer-reviewed, scholastic and scientific work concerning our earth’s current warming trend. Embedded within those who refute science is a rabid search for alternatives to data and hardcore evidence. I must warn, however, that this search is a sensibility born not entirely upon ideological grounds. Indeed, there are (more…)

Take about a handful of 1% rich men, white if you have them; mash them into a puree of gerrymandered districts with very little conscience toward citizenry and constituents; season this with copious, unlimited “Greens”; toss this mixture to the scattered, bought and sold media labeled “Scrutiny”; gently stir so as not to cause excitement amongst the knavish electorate – careful – one drop can become gruesomely fermented; wait through a 24 hour election cycle and pull your masterpiece from the oven; if not entirely corrupted, repeat by adding more “greens”…

Ah, satire – the lubricant to point away at what may ail a said society. And though I penned the craftiness of what’s above, I cannot take full credit. There’s a bit of history here (isn’t there always). You see, I borrowed, and heavily from the eighteenth century where gripes of electioneering corruption abounded. I have marveled, of late, at the cliché riddled maxim that history, on occasion, repeats itself. And with recent court decisions from the United States Supreme Court, I simply cannot help myself in drawing parallels. Forgive me. (more…)

As pundits and politicians attempt to make sense of the radicalism on the extreme right of the Republican Party, it might be worthwhile to recall America’s long history with extreme views. Perhaps the one true thing to remember about radicalism is that because of radical thoughts, actions, and sacrifices, these United States came into being. Yet, almost immediately (the ink on the Constitution quite possibly remained wet) radicalism’s remnants challenged the system. (more…)

My new job is with Butte College, a terrific two-year, higher learning institution located in Butte County, California. Consider it the feeder school to four year universities such as CSU Chico, UC Davis, and Sacramento State (and beyond). (more…)

Another scientific law bites the “dust,” sorry, the pun was too obvious to ignore. In the Journal Systematic Biology (March 8, 2013), the study, “Is Permanent Parasitism Reversible? — Critical Evidence from Early Evolution of House Dust Mites,” raises serious doubts against Dollo’s Law, essentially a treatise that states evolution is not reversible. Apparently, Dollo’s Law has been disproved.  The lowly dust mite is going backwards.

History, too, has been guilty of pushing a Dollo-esque trend, that human societies continue to evolve, not devolve. (more…)

While I am waiting for radical Republican conservatism to fold up like a sneeze and expunge itself of so much Tea Party clap-trap (faux and non-faux), I fear the Obama pragmatism of the past four years may be its own undoing. There may be several valid reasons why Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States and they need exploring: (more…)

Ah, the great American hamburger. A few pickles, some cheese and onions hot off the grill: Oh, yeah – nothing better than really good cooked cow.

Well, how about sinking your teeth into a dripping, hot patty of laboratory grown beef?

That’s right, no cow necessary. Beef raised by Petrie-dish. Mm-mmm. (more…)


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